Children’s Ministry gives hope to the children, who live deep underground” because if the war in Ukraine.

Thousands of children in Kharkiv study in metro below the ground – this is the first ever practice in the world as the city lives under regular heavy bombardment. There is no city or town in the world that has similar experience as the city of Kharkiv does: “This metro (Kharkiv) gives some hope. You feel some heartbeat here” – Sergiy Zhadan wrote.

The Salvation Army Corps in Kharkiv provides some school supplies, backpacks and a lot more because of the help that comes from different part of the world.

Kharkiv Corps has a great variety of activities for different age groups – from youngsters to teenagers. Children play together on Saturdays, learn how to cook and study Bible. Visiting Kharkiv Corps is so fascinating for youngsters and teenagers, as they have opportunity to spent some time in a safe place while involved in some exciting activities.

All the activities conducted in Kharkiv Corps give hope to the youngsters and teenagers, it gives them confidence that they have an interesting life ahead. A life without despair, stress, losses, fear and pain.

Children and youth in Kharkiv Corps obtain confidence that God created this world for good. They gain confidence that God does not leave them when they spend nights in Kharkiv metro because of regular heavy bombardments:

“The boy from Saltivka, whose house burned down,

The subway branch is deeper than most seas,

A flashlight in a pocket, the subway full of people,

The Lord spends the night with you at the metro station.”


Author – Ivan Berezkin

The Salvation Army

Eastern Europe Territory

Children’s Ministry in Kharkiv under heavy bombarding