The Whole World Mobilising website and app are designed to encourage you to mobilise and connect with the global Salvation Army. You can use these tools to:

  • read about the great work being done in Jesus’ name through The Salvation Army around the world
  • be inspired with creative tips and ideas to help you mobilise
  • pray alongside your brothers and sisters in the Army
  • find out about mobilisation activities and events near you and participate in them
  • track your own mobilisation progress and make improvements

Why an app?

We needed something that could be accessible to the most people, worldwide – the mobile phone. Built for light data use, due to its need to perform in developing countries, this app can track any mobilisation activity from almost anywhere on the planet. The app is free to download and is built for light data use, making it accessible all around the world.

To download, search for ‘The Whole World Mobilising’ on the App Store or Google Play from your smartphone, or visit sar.my/twwmandroid (for Android devices) or sar.my/twwmios (for Apple devices). This version of the app is in its early stages and will rely on feedback from participants for improvements. Participants are encouraged to contact the support team by emailing The Whole World Mobilising team at twwmhelp@salvationarmy.org should any problems occur.

If you have more questions or comments, please contact us at mobilising@salvationarmy.org.