In 1985, the UN General Assembly, by a special resolution at the 40th session, invited governments to celebrate on 5 December as “International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development” (Resolution No. A/RES/47/3), calling on them to take measures for encouraging people in all fields of activity to offer their services as volunteers.

The volunteer movement in Ukraine has become a vivid example of the high level of civic consciousness of Ukrainians and their ability to effectively self-organize. Volunteers are ordinary people who invest their time, talent and resources in implementing socially useful projects. Everyone can do good deeds: adults, children, companies, agencies, and even entire countries. The number of people who want to volunteer in Ukraine is only growing.

We want to live in a successful country. And the country is defined by people. Now more than ever it is very important to support each other and help each other. Even one good deed can change society, the country and the world for the better.

The Salvation Army volunteers in Ukraine Division put in a lot of effort. Extraordinary mercy to the needy, especially when Ukraine is going through the darkest times, is an invaluable resource that helps Salvationists to reach as many people as possible to provide care. Powerful volunteerism  of The Salvation Army in Ukraine lends a shoulder and makes people realize that they are not alone with their troubles, both in peacetime and in these darkest times of war. Volunteers help Salvationists to load, deliver, provide clothes, shoes, toys, knit, teach children English, drawing, conduct master classes for migrant children on making caramel, cook interesting crafts together, teach how to cook healthy meals, organize fun games and entertainment. Children should not lose their childhood, and a smile must appear on their faces, as most of them experienced the suffering and horrors of war. The Salvation Army cares for and respect its volunteers. Very often volunteers have credo to do as much as possible so that others feel protected, more confident, so that people feel more comfortable in difficult and challenging times.

Words by Berezkin Ivan

International Volunteer Day