Thousands of Ukrainian children and teenagers live under terrible circumstances related to the war. They have seen a lot of horror since the war began. Keeping their faith strong and following their dreams is a very big challenge, as the war altered their lives. Ukraine Division Salvationists play a significant role to restore confidence and faith of the children and teenagers, because the war threatens the need of children and adolescents to see the world as safe and predictable. The war makes children and teenagers feel confused, anxious, afraid, worried and sad. They may show pessimistic views on life, people or the future. It affects relationships with others, academic performance or plans for the future.

The Salvation Army in Ukraine ministries unite children and teenagers in order to give them a boost to development and to become resilient to the circumstances they live in. Every corps in Ukraine Division has its atmosphere of trust and acceptance. This helps children and teenagers to gain an optimistic view of their own prospects, make some plans for the future, and to believe in their own abilities.

There are many activities available for children and teenagers in every corps in Ukraine, such as meetings with psychologists and discussion clubs, where young people can discuss various topics to look at different aspects of their lives from the point of view of religion or psychology.

Sports and game activities, excursions, children’s and youth clubs are a unique opportunity to exchange emotions and energy of thoughts. All these activities help young people and teenagers to overcome the difficulties they experience because of the war. This motivates and inspire Salvationists in their tireless ministry to the children and teenagers.

Words by Ivan Berezkin

The Salvation Army

Eastern Europe Territory

The Salvation Army ministers to the children and youth in Ukraine