This year, during the sunny days of June, from the 8th to the 10th, The Salvation Army celebrated twenty-five years of its wonderful Service in Ukraine. Being young and beautiful, The Salvation Army in Ukraine celebrated its anniversary under the slogan: “Gratitude for the past, Belief in the future.”

The celebration was attended by 170 delegates from all corps in Ukraine, honored guests from THQ: Colonels Jostein and Magna Vae Nielsen, Lieutenant-Colonels Kelvin and Cheralynne Pethybridge, Major Beat Reader and Major Annette Reader-Pell, Major Galina Burlacu and Captain Vladimir Korenivsky, as well as honorary guest from the USA Major Steve Morris (Divisional Commander for Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi). Participation of the guest-speaker Commissioner Marie Willermark who serves as Territorial Commander in Germany, Poland and Lithuania, was a real blessing for the jubilee. She was also the Divisional Leader in Ukraine for a few years.

Thirty-five musicians form the Winton band (Bournemouth, UK) as well as musicians from Canada and Ukraine were featured during the celebration. The band performed with great success spiritual, classical and popular music for the locals and the guests of the capital of Ukraine in Victory Park. All the celebration events were accompanied by the brass band from Winton and music groups from different corps in Ukraine.

There were also various activities organized for children with incentive prizes. The drama group from Dnipro Corps left no one indifferent with their premiere of “The Thirteen Star”, the story about combating human trafficking.

During the twenty-fifth anniversary Congress celebrations two junior soldiers were enrolled, five senior soldiers and eight people officially became Friends of The Salvation Army in Ukraine.

On Sunday, the tenth of June, a festive Service was held, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of The Salvation Army in Ukraine. The inspiring sermon presented by the guest speaker Commissioner Marie Willermark touched the hearts and souls of Congress delegates.

During the celebration The Salvation Army Outpost in Lviv officially gained Corps status. Territorial Secretary for Programme, Major Beat Reader, officially handed the Lviv Corps flag to Ukraine Division.

Testimonies, prayers, and worship took place in an atmosphere and an understanding of belonging to one family in Christ.

Ukraine Divisional Commander, Major Vyacheslav Kotrutsa, expressed sincere gratitude to all the guests and delegates of the Congress for their participation in celebrating such a significant and important date for Ukraine Division and Eastern Europe Territory. The Director of Women’s Ministry, Major Elena Kotrutsa, closed the celebration with a call to all present, to pray for peace.

The Salvation Army Ukraine 25th Anniversary Congress