This year, Ukrainian schoolchildren and students began the school year in war conditions. Some of them have started studying online, some of them, where safe, attend schools and a lot of them went to schools and universities in other countries where they had fled for safety and comfort. The resumption of education requires school supplies, which many Ukrainian families do not have enough funds for.

The Salvation Army in Eastern Europe has completed a large-scale “Back to school” campaign, that aimed providing schoolchildren with backpacks and school supplies. This is our expression of the love of God through these actions to support children and their parents who experienced and some of them, who stayed in Ukraine, continue to experience the horror of war.

Parents were happy to see happy smiles of their children when they received new school supplies. The war turned many lives in Ukraine upside down, but God’s love and care through the work of the Salvationists inspires people to live on and raise children. Children should grow and develop, feel safe and feel that goodness is nearby and believe that God created the world to be good and just.

The Salvation Army in Eastern Europe not only proved schoolchildren with everything they need to start their studies, but also conducted recreational events, where children had a chance to dance, play, complete various interesting quests, take part in a fun play on a school theme. Some children and their parents received an invitation to attend caramel production masterclass.

Salvationists in Eastern Europe Territory completed a great ministry to the people affected by the war. It was our opportunity to express the Love of God to those who suffered a lot. As a servants of God, we are constantly seeking for opportunities to minister to the people in need, as God has called us to.

Words by Ivan Berezkin

Eastern Europe Territory

Ukrainian children are back to school