The active role of women in the various ministries of The Salvation Army in Ukraine gave impetus to the creation of a Women’s Ministry in The Salvation Army corps in Ukraine.

The Salvation Army in Ukraine runs a diverse programme of Women Ministry. Some parts of the programme have been running for a long time and some of them are relatively new. The programme provides opportunities for women to enjoy fellowship and spiritual support.

Many women in Ukraine meet regularly within the “Home League”. These meetings are an opportunity to discuss topics such as spirituality and family, parenting, cooking and healthy lifestyle. The Salvation Army in Ukraine also runs a range of activities specifically for women, including clubs, fairs, art classes, English classes, sports clubs and dance clubs. These activities take place in corps of The Salvation Army and in local community cultural centres.

Women from The Salvation Army are active in social service – visiting patients at home and in hospitals, and arranging charity concerts at orphanages and hospitals.

The Women’s Ministry programme also includes cookery classes, where participants prepare culinary masterpieces from all over the world to share with others. The aim is to learn about traditions and customs in different countries.

Women from The Salvation Army in Ukraine help to care for children. They organise after-school activities and share with them all that the Lord gives.