In October 2013, The Salvation Army launched a European Anti-Human Trafficking Network with the aim of responding effectively to the needs of victims and survivors of trafficking, through a united and coordinated approach that works across international borders and boundaries. The Salvation Army is deeply committed to fighting human trafficking however it manifests. We seek to exercise care in restoring the freedom and dignity of those affected.

A high number of victims come from Moldova/Ukraine and are trafficked to the EU with Romania as a major transit or destination country. To strengthen transnational cooperation between source, transit and destination countries, The Salvation Army appointed a liaison officer for the Romania/Moldova/Ukraine region. The liaison officer fulfils a crucial role as a stable linking pin for relevant partners and stakeholders dealing with sustainable reintegration programmes in the cases of victims from this region.

Galina Chetroi

Liaison Officer and Vice-Chair to the European Anti-Human Trafficking Network of The Salvation Army. Based in Chisinau, Moldova.

“My ambition is to fight human trafficking in Eastern Europe. My focus is to raise awareness and to train young people to prevent them from falling into the traps of traffickers. I’m committed to building a strong network with NGOs and stakeholders. Only together we can fight this.”


Please feel free to contact me: AHTinfo@eet.salvationarmy.org

Download leaflet:  Anti-Human Trafficking Leaflet in English

As a linking pin within the Anti-Human Trafficking network, the liaison officer:

  • Offers practical help to (potential) victims
  • Offers training / awareness raising activities to groups at risk of trafficking
  • Takes care of requests from organisations in other European countries (for example, by collecting required documents)
  • Gives advice to partners in transit or destination countries
  • Connects relevant stakeholders and partners for prevention and reintegration programs