The family is the source of ancient values and traditions. Family, as occurrence, is especially valued these days, because the war in Ukraine brought separation, pain, loss, and great grief to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian families.

But Ukraine is a multimillion, multinational, united and strong family: “Family, family is all of Ukraine! ». The words of this song confirm the forward movement towards the dream of every Ukrainian – to have a peaceful sky, a happy destiny for children who should hear the mother’s word of love, not the explosions of rockets and the sounds of air alarms; to feel unwavering parental support in order to gain experience before the wide road of their happy future .

A lot of vitality and faith is needed to pass this test, to preserve family warmth and coziness.

The Salvation Army in Ukraine, as well as throughout the world, prays for the preservation of Ukrainian families. Practical support, providing comprehensive assistance with everything necessary – from food to safe shelter, spiritual and psychological assistance is provided to those who are forced to flee the horrors of war in order to protect their families:

O Great God, eternal!

For us Ukraine do protect,

Freedom and light of wisdom

You- shed upon her.

With’ the light, of learning and knowledge

Us, your children instruct,

In pure love to our country

You, O God, do nurture us.

Praying to you, God, almighty,

For us, Ukraine do protect,

All your grace and bounties

To our people direct!

Grant her freedom, grant her fortune,

Grant – illumination,

Prosperity, grant God to the people

And grant, many, many, prosperous years!

This solemn song, which was written in 1885 by Mykola Lysenko to the words of Oleksandr Konyskyi, is as relevant as ever.

Author: Ivan Berezkin

Eastern Europe Territory

The Salvation Army in Ukraine ministers to the families