On the third Thursday of May, since 2006, Ukraine has celebrated the most beautiful spring holiday – Day of Vyshyvanka.

Kropyvnytskyi Corps, Ukraine Division, runs studies during Women’s Club dedicated to a very fascinating topic – “Embroidery if the regions of Ukraine”. Embroidery is a bright, original cultural phenomenon that has developed over the centuries, an important source of history, which has characteristic features of decorative picturesqueness, high culture of production, and mastery of many decorating techniques. A variety of ethnic traditions are passed on in Ukraine from generation to generation, and the mutual influence of the cultures of the peoples of multinational Ukraine led to the development of local, regional and ethnic specifics of embroidery. And after February 24, 2022, there was a transition to ethno-cultural interaction, which has, in fact, a worldwide character.

That is why the whole world respects the extraordinary, unique phenomenon of the spiritual and material heritage of the Ukrainian people – the Vyshyvanka Day.

Vyshyvanka is not just clothing, it is the clothing of free people, created from canvas and threads. Vyshyvanka is a symbol of health, beauty, love and festivity, native land and parental home, it is a historical root that gives strength and inspiration to every Ukrainian to go forward with his head held high.

Vyshyvanka has accompanied the Ukrainian people since ancient times and was for them a symbol of insubordination and the fact that they are Ukrainians.

In the colorful gamut of Ukrainian folk embroideries, two colors predominate – red and black. Red means love, joy, gaiety, and black means grief, sorrow, sadness.

Today, the whole world is helping Ukraine to endure the hardships and horror of the war, the loss of relatives and homes.

God’s love helps and gives inexhaustible, healing strength to endure, overcome and live on: ” I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13).

Words by Ivan Berezkin

Eastern Europe Territory

Vyshyvanka Day is the most beautiful spring holiday in Ukraine